Depression Averted

A carriage accident and a long awaited encounter

an attempt on Victoria's life

I should remember to write what had occurred the night previous. A man stepped out in front of Lady Lovesel's carriage. The one carrying Victoria, Lady Lovesel and little Octavia. In order to avoid hitting the man, the driver pulled the carriage hard to the left. This caused their carriage to crash into another carriage and almost kill a pair of children on the sidewalk. I, as the Raven, managed to get to the children just in time to get them out of harms way.

I wish that I could say the same for the passengers of the other carriage. Lady Lovesel's carriage fell atop this other carriage and the accident wound up killing two of the occupants. One, older woman, survived and I was able to pull her out.

The man was actually being controlled by the Deep. He was one of the barely detectable Hollow Ones that now must be crawling about the city unopposed. He was ranting that we should "beware." I would later discover what we should beware, indeed. I shadowed the Vardr to the watchtower where the man was being interrogated. Upon arriving though, Damon opened my eyes to another possibility.

This was a warning.

I raced to the Lovesel manor as quickly as I could, somehow arriving before they did. Once there, I found the manor to be eerily quiet. I went to Victoria's room as I heard the Lady Lovesel and Victoria enter the manor. Victoria's room was upstairs. I opened to door to Victoria's room to an ambush. Barely, I avoided a fatal wound.

I sprung into action and retaliated, I knew who my attacker was without needing to see him. Lord Dagur, or shall I call him The Reaper, had come for Victoria. We fought intensely, both of us granting no quarter. It was a bitter and brutal fight. Possibly more intense that any that I have had before. His blades cut my skin and my batons bruised his. The tide turned in my favor when I was able to manuver him into the position for me to shock him with my batons.

Would that I could do that again so easily but, alas the surprise would only work once.

We continued to fight, the battle firmly in my favor. I thought to myself that I might spare him. That maybe, I should tie him up and leave him unconscious for the Vardr to find. The people would push the Vardr to investigate and the evidence against Dagur is pretty insurmountable. His status as a noble may protect him a bit but, he has killed too many nobles to go unpunished. It was not to be, however.

He did something. Something bizarre. He told me the myriad ways that he was going to hurt Victoria and it hurt me physically. His words were literally weapons. I was without defense. I literally tripped backwards over my own feet in clumsy surprise.

Dagur got away.


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