Depression Averted

Sis, don't come looking for me.

Don't find me.

My friend is making a deal with the devil and I am killing angels. I made a deal with a glove, it is showing me things… Things that I know to be true. I have learned how they feed children to the well and that they were going to feed Zenisha‘s brother to the well out of spite. They use magic here, so, so, much magic. I’m helping the rebellion, a group that is fighting off the Elohim, a race that looks like angels from the good book, but destroy entire worlds just so their world lives a little while longer.

This glove, it’s called the order’s light, an artifact that was created before the “cataclysm” an event that almost destroyed this world, and is still destroying it. I am going to sleep, maybe i’ll feel better in the morning.


miguelp001 Pimentel611

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