Depression Averted

The Symptom and the Disease

an opinion article by Valentine

Darkholme is under attack of sorts.

We live in a world where decadent Noblemen and women hold lavish balls and live opulent lives while most of the population is struggling just to survive. Our Vampiric overlords literally hold the power of life and death at a whim over us. Monsters within and beyond the wall assail us on a daily basis. We all act as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with the nightmarish creatures that constantly batter at our underfunded and crumbling walls and nets.

Then we have “The Raven.”

This… vigilante decides that he, and the Raven is almost certainly a he, has the power to choose who is guilty and who is innocent? The Raven thinks that he can do better than the Vardr that struggle daily to balance all the competing needs of our world? What kind of arrogance gives someone the idea to put on a ridiculous costume and beat on people who are simply trying to live within their means?

Maybe, you think that The Raven is a good thing. Maybe you think that since the Raven operates outside of the traditional systems in place that, this means that the Raven is able to do more than the vardr ever could. If we accept that conceit, then we must ask ourselves: how can we be certain that the Raven is benevolent? How can we be certain that he will remain benevolent? We must never forget the lessons taught to us by our ancestors.

When High King Elric was murdered brutally, we all were complicit in his death. This is fact. This is history. Our Vampiric benefactors aren’t really the only monsters that stalk the city. Maybe, we need to remember to look in the mirror and recognize the monster that lurks there as well? The vampires may have provoked our ancestors into action but, they did what they did willingly. Would we do the same?

I think we would.

So, we look back at The Raven. This person, be he bondi, noble, vampire or even thrall, may even believe that he is doing the right thing. Even if this is so, ultimately, he is one man. One man who is acting as judge and jury over the rest of us. How long before he thinks that he can become our executioner as well? Are we safe from that? Can we be certain? The Raven operates in the dark but, he is a symptom of a greater disease.

Darkholme, you are sick.

You are ill and maybe some of you believe that The Raven or the Blade of Saluwan are the cure. They aren’t the cure, they are more symptoms. Only you can cure yourself from the disease that your caste system imposes on you. Only you can voice your needs, your fears. Only you can come together. I speak not only to the Bondi. I speak to the Vampires. I speak to the Thrall. I even speak to The Raven.

We are sick and we are dying. This nation cannot hold itself together while we are so busy tearing ourselves apart. I don’t ask the Raven to stop doing what he is doing. Such a person wouldn’t listen anyway. I ask that all of us make real efforts to real change. I ask that we be smart and work within the system where we can. I ask that we keep to the shadows when we must. I say that more than anything else, we must work together. Even the Raven can have a place if we work together. Maybe, we could bring about a new and brighter tomorrow.

And just maybe, we could finally hold back the dark.


miguelp001 miguelp001

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