Depression Averted

Victoria's Farewell Letter

Trapped in the Future

So far, any records of agent Victoria Marie Young, added member to the Chicago cell, has been useless. Though Victoria has written a large amount of letters over the years with the agency, she would often not discuss the agency or any of her missions. After a large amount of useless letters, I came upon this one and it intrigued me. It seems to be a farewell letter to her loved ones but the date is confusing. Victoria wrote and sent this letter sometime in the early 1960s. She personally received this letter in the mail but fully expected it. After further questioning, she revealed that at some point in their journey through worlds, a young Victoria managed to return back to earth but during the wrong time period. In the dossier, a fifty-something Victoria further claimed to have spent almost one whole week back and with Elvis Presley. Yes, the Elvis Presley. She went on to say, she even helped him come up with one of his famous songs. She also stated, she had spent six months in another world alone. And something about an orb. Though without any evidence, the agency dropped the whole investigation and stored this letter away.

April 22, 1961

Dear Friends and Family,

           I’m terribly sorry. Sorry for many silly little things but for mostly leaving you all without answers. I know some of you will blame yourselves but the blame can only be placed on me. Because of my incompetence, I am stuck here in 1961 and I am unsure for how long this time. I arrived here about five days ago but after having spent six long months in that god awful world, there is no telling when I will be able to leave this one. I try every minute of the day I possibly can, to open a doorway back to my friends but nothing is happening. Worst of all, without any help, I fear I may have this ridiculous orb take over me. I don’t know what to do!

          Though, unlike my bad experience in the other world, this one is home. It’s home in the future but home none-the-less. Our world has changed so much. Things we thought impossible are fully possible or nearly possible now. Yet, it doesn’t feel completely alien to me. The cars are the same, a bit different but not by much. The people have changed a little but again not by much. What is different, is the growing amount of police presence and their heavily militarized style. It is not strange to see a police officer look like they are ready for a world war and most of them are bullies. Actually, I’m not sure if it is fair to call them that but from the little I have seen so far, they can get a bit overzealous. Even so, they seem to like Elvis very much. Everyone does.

           Elvis Presley. He is some sort of famous artist or will be soon. He has been nothing but a gentleman towards me. He has a lovely singing voice but he needs a bit more practice in acting. I happened to suddenly appear in his studio room as he called it. Embarrassingly enough, I was in my nightgown completely confused as to how I had managed to get there. Of course I realized very quickly my body had clearly betrayed me by falling asleep. See it happens when I sleep. I think whenever I sleep, the uncontrolled power takes over me and I begin to move through different worlds. I regret trying to keep this a secret but I did not want any of you to think of me as useless. An now I really am useless for not being there. I wonder how long I’ve been away.

             Elvis has been taking care of me these past five days. He mistook me for a poor women. He thought I had snuck, into his home in order to beg him for money. Since I couldn’t think of a better story, I let him think I was a beggar. Eventually after we talked some more, I felt like I could trust him and so I told him everything. Surprisingly, he believed me! I nearly cried. He told me I could stay for as long as I needed. His fiance Priscilla is such a nice women too. Once she learned I knew my way around the kitchen, she has me teaching her to cook nearly everyday. It’s such a sweet notion because I know she only wants to learn for him. Today I am helping Elvis with a song. He says he wants to create an old ballad and has invited his friend who is a songwriter, George Weiss. I’m not sure what kind of help I can provide but it’s the least I can do.  

            Oh! I nearly forgot. The Secret Service, I’m not sure they are so secret anymore. Maybe it’s because I knew what to look for, or maybe they have more power than I expected. Either way, I think it’s better if I stay away from them. What if I run into myself? Shouldn't I know, I’m here? I think I would know. So, why hasn't my future self, come to save me…herself? Also, if I am here in the future that means I go back. Maybe I should seek myself out. What if I’m dead? This is why time traveling is a bad idea. I probably should continue trying to get back but what’s the point? I’m sort of home anyway, might as well stay. This letter is starting to become a journal entry instead of a goodbye. I’m sorry again but before I continue my goodbyes, I really just want to say thank you.

            Thank you to my father for raising me, protecting me, and for showing me the beautiful side of life. Even if that meant you had to break a couple of rules to do so. Thank you to my mother for having me even though she knew it would take her life away. Thank you to my friends at the academy for never letting me give up and for singing along with a very drunk me. And last but certainly not least, Thank you to Jack and Micheal, for saving me as well as being wonderful friends. I will miss you both terribly. I hope you find your way back home somehow. Most of all, I hope you can forgive me for giving up and leaving you stranded.

I love you all. Goodbye.


Victoria Marie Young


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