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Zenisha's Journal

Potion's and Thoughts

Zenisha Kapoor

Year 153 ATC

Today I discovered that bloomsun flowers mixed with a small amount of mana crystals (which I obtained legally) and a dash of salt, makes a potent silver tongue potion. I say potent but the word seems lacking. Strong? Powerful? Formidable? Either way, I am storing this recipe here and writing this note to remind myself, never to use this potion again. I tested the potion on my poor dear sister Raina, who promptly followed all of my orders and did so with such enthusiasm, it was quite frightening. To make matters worse, she could not follow new orders until she had completed the previous ones. Something I wish I had known before commanding her to harm herself. Needless to say, she will no longer be volunteering for my experiments and I am never using this potion again. A year of doing her chores isn’t nearly enough to make up for the whole ordeal but I am not going to tell her that.

Enslaving Potion

10 Bloomsun Flowers (non-crushed)
1 bag full of small mana crystals (the crystals could likely be replaced with just my own mana)
A dash of salt
= A slave!

Mix all the ingredients at once and do not stir. Let it sit for 2 days. Drink the entire vial.

Year 153 ATC

Things are about to change drastically. Soon my sister will marry Abraaz, yes the same annoying little boy who has been in love with her since…I swear it feels like since he was born. I am quite happy for them. I will soon become some lucky Elohim’s vessel. The highest level of grace any fornatuate could ask for, something I am reminded of everyday by nearly everyone. I should be happy and I guess I am happy. At least, I know I should be happy but I am finding it hard to accept my fate. Which is terrible because the Elohim have done everything for us and the least we can do is provide them our strengths. But every time I think of it, I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach.

I get to help save the world
I get some pretty wings
I will learn and discover new things everyday
I don’t know

I have no idea what happens to me when it takes over
What if it accidently kills me
I never get to see my family again and I don’t know why
I’ll never be able to fall in love
I’ll never be able to have children
I’ll have to fight in wars and kill people enemies
My father will forever blame himself
I don’t want to do it!

This did not go as planned.

Year 153 ATC

Saam caused a fire again and everyone ignored my pleas to allow me to find a way to seal his magic…as usual.

Potion of Minor Healing

A handful of topaz dust
A grated Leek
Breast Milk, 2 Cups
3 Freshly pulled fluxweed
A large handful of crushed Blue beetles

Make sure to stir thoroughly and to add the incantation as you are stirring. Please remember to back away a bit from the cauldron.

Potion of Major Healing
A handful of topaz dust
A grated Leek
Breast Milk, 2 Cups
3 Freshly pulled fluxweed
A large handful of crushed Blue beetles

The recipe is the same as the minor one but the actions are different. Do not stir the cauldron, just add the incantation and remember to back away as much as you can.

Year 153 ATC

Discovered two potions today and meet with the Elohim. They answered all of my questions very vaguely. Reassuring me that no harm would come to me but if that is the case, why could they not just tell me exactly what the ritual entails. Why is this so hard for me to accept? My Gods are asking for my help and here I am questioning everything they do. It is probably best to keep mother from this journal. Anyway, the two potions I discovered:

Swiftness Potion
Cat’s tail
Rabbit’s feet
A shot of Dragon’s fire Liquor
A pinch of Safflower

Mix the ingredients slowly and stir occasionally. Let it boil and then let it cool for about 20 minutes. Take small doses. DO NOT GULP.

Peace Potion
5 Bloomsun Flowers (non-crushed)
1 minute of mana expulsion
A dash of salt

Mix all the ingredients at once and do not stir. Let it sit for 1 day. Make sure you filled the Cauldron to the top with water but only fill the bottles with the bottom half and only fill up 4 bottles. Do not consume, the effect takes with smell.

Year 153 ATC

Today we have some unexpected guests. Father said they were wandering the fields and looked like they could use some help. When I first met them, I noticed right away several things about them and I am unsure what to do. They all seem to be very fortunate but their magical auras are very strange looking. Almost other-worldly. Worst of all, the woman, Victoria, is expulsing mana like a fireplace does with smoke. It’s everywhere and it is very powerful. I was in need of a trip to gather more mana at the well but not anymore. Instead, I’ll just take what I need from her and she doesn’t even seem to notice. The two men with her are not expulsing mana but their auras are still strange. I don’t want to tell anyone but I feel like I am supposed too. I need to learn more about these people.

Year 153 ATC

Michael, Victoria, and Jack are absolutely wonderful. Victoria is quite thoughtful and very funny. She gets along with Saam perfectly, he absolutely adores her! Jack is a bit odd at times but I think it is because he is always strategizing. One thing I did notice about Jack is his loyalty and protection of his friends. It is very admirable. Though I do not believe him to be engaged to Victoria. They all seem more like siblings than anything else but who am I to say differently. Then, there is Michael; he is beautiful in every way. He is tall and very muscular. His hair is like the color of fire, it’s nearly orange. I have always kept my distance from boys because of my fate as a vessel. This is so unlike me but I find myself fantasizing about running away with Michael. Besides his appearance, he is very sweet, and approaches people gently. He shows such enthusiasm about helping others, or just about the littlest of things and it is so infectious. I think I could see a life with him and that is not a good thing. Also, I think my sister has fallen for Michael too but I have never known her to see any man like she sees Abraaz. Maybe I am mistaken.

Year 153 ATC

I am to leave in the morning, after my sister’s wedding. The Elohim came today, told my mother they require me earlier then anticipated. The village had to scramble in order to get the wedding ready by sunrise. No one thought to ask them to wait just a couple more days? Of course not! I wasn’t even scheduled to go until two weeks from now. I am so angry with everything. My family for letting them take me so willingly. I have no choice in the matter. If I say no, I don’t even know what would happen. I don’t think anyone has ever said no. But, how selfish of me to deny my world the protection it deserves. With the Elohim’s help, we can maybe figure out a way to stop the wars and heal the world. I need to stop thinking of myself and what it will do to me. No, I need to think of the world, of my village and what this would mean for them. And yet, the tears will not stop flowing from me.

Fear Potion
2 Bat eyes
A medium handful of void dust
5 drops of tears
1 drop of human blood
A pinch of sugar

Stir vigorously and bottle it up quickly after 10 minutes of stirring. Consuming is the most potent effect but smelling it works too, just not as long.

Year 153 ATC

I am running away. My eyes are open now and I couldn’t be happier. Jack explained to me everything father and I had felt for so long. The elohim are not what they seem to be. They are lying to us and even though I do feel that they have our best interests at heart, it is still unforgivable. These worlds that we attack are not cruel, evil worlds. They are worlds like ours, with people only thinking of what to cook tonight or how to celebrate a marriage. At first I was skeptical of Jack’s words but in the end, I knew them to be true. The elohim are growing harsher by the year. First it was the limits on childbearing and now they are enforcing it to the point of taking the children away. Though, at least they do give them to couples who cannot have children… but why now? Jack also confirmed my suspicions about his, Victoria, and Michael’s origins. They are from another world! I guess I should be wary of them because of that but everything within me is telling me to trust them and so, I will. I am meeting them at the barn now. I was unsure at first but now having written my thoughts for me to see, I need to take this opportunity now. For once, I am going to live for me and not for the Elohim.

Year 153 ATC

We are heading to Paradiso. Hopefully, we can find the rumored rebellion there and help them expose the Elohim. It is odd to be so defiant against my Gods…no, they are no Gods of mine anymore. The Elohim are taking children from their homes and feeding them to the well of souls. I would have not believed it, if I had not heard one of them say it from his own mouth. I am disgusted and appalled just thinking of it. The well that we all use is being fuelled by stolen children now. Their essence flows in us and we use it to water our plants. I will never go near the thing again, unless it is to destroy it. Still, I want to continue believing that the Elohim have just lost their way. Maybe the pressure we placed on them to save us has pushed them to this point. Or maybe they did a good job of brainwashing me. Either way, something needs to be done. By the time the sun is at it’s highest, we should be in the town nearest to the portal to Paradiso. I hope the children made it safely.

Potion of Minor invisibility
A pinch of Goats teeth (crushed)
3 tongues of the chameleon
A handful of Grated shade blooms
1 opal stone (crushed)
3 honey bees (whole)

Add the spell as you stir. Bottle it in small vials. If consumed too much, it will make you sick.

Year 153 ATC

We have arrived to Paradiso. Finally!

One of the seven heroes, Cain, found out that we were at the port town nearest to the portal to paradiso and caused us to have to flee. I was told to stay in Victoria’s extradimensional headquarters as they call it. As far as I can tell, it’s like another world but one that she created. The day Victoria realizes her true power, may be the last time we get to see her. Actually, if Cain ever gets his hands on her, we probably won’t even get to see a fully realized Victoria anyways. No one told me he was after her but I could see it in her eyes. She fears him greatly and they fear what could happen. I briefly thought the same. What would happen if he were to capture her? What would he do? I am convinced he would feed her to the well but what kind of repercussions would that cause to our world? I hope to never find out.

In lighter news, Michael stood behind with me and even volunteered to be my test Subject. Of course, I accidently gave him what I thought would be toad’s breath but instead it caused him to begin turning into a toad. Luckily he seemed unfazed and happily willing to continue in being my test subject. Which is good because I am 100% sure that neither Jack nor Victoria will ever volunteer.

Toad’s Breath
A toad
A cup of sugar
2 very small mana crystals
2 large handfuls of Nutmeg

Boil the toad until fully liquidated, do not just crush the toad. Crushing the toad makes the potion a transformation potion. The user will begin to form into an actual toad. Then add the 2 crystals and the Nutmeg together. Slowly add the sugar. Bottle as much as you want, at any point. Keep your distance from the person who drinks this. Their breath will become unbearable and will stay that way unless you give them the cure. The Potion to cure the effects is below.

Frog’s Breath Cure
A cup of sugar
2 very small mana crystals
2 large handfuls of Nutmeg
A dozen roses (crushed)

Follow the directions for Frog’s Breath but without the toad.

I really should have apologized to Michael.

Year 153 ATC

Several things have happened so far. We found the rebels and it is as I expected. They are a very disorganized group with hardly any recognition besides whispered rumors. But, they have heart and clearly Zyphr’s best interest. Though, I never expected them to be lead by the thought to be dead hero, Erikah Dawngazer and the intense hold they have in the under chains is amazing. We have also learned a little bit of the Elohim’s origins and I am to figure out a way to depower them. A task I will gladly see through. Maybe once they are depowered, they will realize just how foolish they have been behaving. Erikah also told us how much the Elohim consume magic and how reliant they are of it. I wonder if they are the ones to blame for everything that has happened to our world and if so, it would be cruelly funny. But I must focus all of my time and attention to my task. If I can depower the Elohim, I think, it would save many lives.

Year 153 ATC

Rabbie has been assigned to aide me but has done nothing to help me. A constant chatterbox, that one. Asking me useless questions like, how old am I? Where did I grow up? Do you need to take a break? No! I need you to work on whatever it is you think you can do to help! He asked other useless questions but I won’t go on. He also thinks that work time is a great time to court me. So far, the few days that I have come into the lab, he feels the need to tell me how pretty I look and offers me food like I should be impressed. Eventually, I yelled at him and we had created a good system where he stays out of my way. Then Jack came and reminded me how useful Rabbie could be so I talked to him privately and he apologized. I established some ground rules and now things are getting better. I admit progress has greatly improved with Rabbie’s help. He is a very good Artificer.

Later that day we had to rescue Saam from the Elohim. Michael has accepted some sort of deal with a powerful creature. The creature warned him about Saam and we were able to get there in time to save everyone in my village. My family is in disarray. I had to convince them about the ugly truth that is the Elohim. It took mother some time but they are safe now. Unhappy…but safe. Raina is very much upset with me and she has every right. I have done nothing but made her life harder. And now at a time where she should be happiest, she is forced to live in a cavern as a blasphemous. She is handling it surprisingly better than expected.

I wonder what Michael was thinking at the time, accepting order’s light. These days, I keep so busy in the lab, I haven’t been able to talk to him much. I haven’t been able to speak with anyone really. Through, Jack has made it a thing for us to spend supper time together. I’m glad he does. Still, I should try to find time and speak to Michael about how easily accepting power from omnipotent beings is usually a bad idea. Even if it has good intentions. I am beyond worried but first I need to focus on the task in front of me. Trust in your friends as Victoria would say.

No time for potion making.


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