Jack Valentino

Ex-assassin on the road to redemption


Jack Valentino
Born: December 5, 1910
New York, New York
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: Smiling Jack, Blackjack and Lucky Jack

Agility Endurance Perception Strength
3 2 3 1
Craft Knowledge Reason Willpower
1 1 2 3
Deception Empathy Persuasion Resources
3 1 2 1
Weird Rating
Redeemed Killer
I need something to believe in
Amnesiac Assassin
Nobody is Innocent
Unknown enemies from his past
Specialty Aspects
Are we fighting or dancing (Agility)
“Please, give me a reason to hurt you” (Persuasion)
Armchair Picasso (Craft)
History is fascinating (Knowledge)
Severe OCD (Perception)
“Where did he go?” (Agility)

Con Man – Use deception to learn aspects
Deadly Grace – Use agility when unarmed or melee
Assassin Strike – (once per scene) When ambushing a target, get +3 to attack roll
Dervish – Melee with both hands, have the dervish(p) aspect
“Takes one to know one” – use deception to tell if someone is lying
Soft style – +1 to agility for defending melee attacks
Razor Tongue – +3 to persuasion to cause anger
Book Worm – +2 to research when using a library

Weird Focus: Chaos [Control Reality: Chaos Domain]

He has exhibited these abilities
Did that break your concentration? Prevent the use of weird abilities. Mimicking Nullify
Turn down for what? Empower the abilities of others. mimicking blessing.
Chaotic Touch Break things down similar to power attack.

Stress Tracks
Physical 3 Mental 5 Social 3

Jack Valentoni arrived in Chicago sometime in 1928 and has established himself firmly in the Chicago underground. Previously, he was a well known “fixer” and assassin for several crime organizations in New York City. He was raised catholic in Saint Joeseph orphanage until the age of 9 when he avoided boarding an “orphan train” headed to colorado.

The next couple years are hard to track but it is known that he joined a small group of pickpockets and thieves known as the blue hand boys. The blue hand boys had several run ins with the law but nothing major until 1921 where Mr. Valentoni was instrumental in saving Salvatore Lucania from an attempt at his life. Salvatore Lucania was a mobster working for Arnold Rothstein a major player among New York City’s criminals.

Salvatore Lucania took young Jack Valentoni under his wing and trained him as a secret protege of sorts. To Mr. Rothstein and any other members of the organization, Mr. Valentoni was just another street tough making his living. In time, Mr. Valentoni excelled at his field and would eventually work openly as a “fixer” and “bagman” for Mr. Lucania and on occasion Mr. Rothstein himself.

The shake up came with the death of Arnold Rothstein, that led to widespred chaos in the criminal world. Mr. Lucania who suspected that Mr. Valentoni actually committed the murder, asked Jack Valentoni to leave the city quietly and never return. Loyal to the end, Mr. Valentoni left the city and struck out on his own in Chicago.

We acquired him on the freight car that he rode and took him to safe house #3. He sat rather quietly for the two hours that it took for our specialist to finalize a proper approach. When the handler met Mr. Valentino he simply asked him “Do you want to really make a difference?” To which Mr. Valentino replied, “Yes I do, just let me use the washroom.” He has shown no disloyalty since.

Jack Valentino

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