Victoria Marie Young

Gunslinging ex-cop with an artistic streak


Victoria Marie Young
Born: December 2, 1910
Buffalo, New York
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: “Pretty Miss Marie” (Stage Name)

Agility Endurance Perception Strength
3 1 2 1
Craft Knowledge Reason Willpower
3 1 1 2
Deception Empathy Persuasion Resources
1 2 3 2
Weird Rating
Gun-slinging Artist
Find my purpose in life
Ex-cop from New York
Life is beautiful
Hates being disliked
Temp: Touched by the orb
Specialty Aspects
“I can shoot the wings off a fly at 30 yards. Easy.” (Agility)
Artistic talent (Craft)
Extra-dimensional Headquarters (Resources)
Member of the Secret Service (Persuasion)
Terrible in a fistfight (Strength)

Experienced – +10xp at character creation
All seeing eye – (once per scene) Treat perception roll as if it was a +4, add mods after
Actress – +2 when acting to an audience
Painter – +2 when painting a masterpiece
Scene of the crime – +2 to notice clues at a crime scene
Hollywood bullets – when out of ammo, spend FP to have some ammo left

Weird Focus: Space [Control Reality: Space Domain]

He has exhibited these abilities
Know no bounds Teleport to where she can see
Switch Switch the location of two similar sized objects
Force Induction Compress or extend the space between two points causing various effects
Surprise! Create a disconnected space or receive anything from that space
Doorway to anywhere Use any door and connect it to any other door
Long distances Can see things that are very far away


Victoria Young was born in Buffalo, NY to a young native British couple (Edward and Mary Young). Victoria’s mother (Mary Young) died during labor, leaving Edward to raise Victoria alone. Victoria’s father is a theater producer in New York City and her mother was his main actress prior to her death. Victoria grew up always on the road but she had always held dreams of becoming a detective.

Growing up in the backstage of her father’s productions, she became a natural in all things of the arts. A dancer, sculptor, painter, actress, and decent singer; she excelled in her father’s productions fairly quickly. She often stole the show with her beauty and charm. A blonde haired and hazel eyed beauty, she clearly had a successful future in theater. Her love of mysteries and guns however, caused her to join the police academy at the age of nineteen rather than continuing her successful career as an actress.

Victoria Young caught the attention of the Secret Service at a young age. It is unknown actually how long Victoria had been experimenting with her abilities but there are reasons to believe she has had knowledge of them for a very long time. The shows her father and her produced often had the performance of unbelievable acts. For example, one such act had a 10 year old Victoria opening a prop door and allowing the entire cast on stage. The door was in center stage yet, the actors seemed to come through the door without going in the other side. Her father brushed off these acts as “special effects” and “simple stage illusions”.

Watchers attempted to pay close attention to Victoria’s “illusions” but, found that her father worked very hard to cover them up. Even going so far as to have alternate means to perform similar feats without the use of an ability. After a year of service to the New York City police department, the Secret Service approached Victoria Young and offered her a world of mysteries.

Victoria Marie Young

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