Viktor Vantoft

Jack Vantoft's Little Brother


Viktor Vantoft
Born: Scaldfel, Nightsdeep
Editor of an illegal newspaper
Alter Ego: The Raven

Nightsdeep Status: Troublemaker
+4 Rapport
+3 Contacts Melee
+2 Notice Burglary Athletics
+1 Investigate Provoke Empathy Deception
Youngest Vantoft Son and Heir
Acts out of despite wanting his father’s approval
Charmingly Rebellious
Quick, Graceful, Deadly
Family First…Always

He has exhibited these abilities:
The Drunkard’s Stagger. You sway and stagger on your feet, evading enemy blows seemingly by chance. When you succeed in a defensive Athletics roll using this technique, you gain +1 on your next attack against the opponent who tried to hit you. If you succeed with style, gain +2.
Child of the Court. Gain a +2 bonus to any attempt to overcome obstacles with Rapport when you’re at an aristocratic function, such as a royal ball.
The Strength of One Becomes the Strength of Many. Once you begin a contacting effort, it becomes self-sustaining, as people you talk to talk to other people, who talk to others in turn. In effect, you will always get an answer; it is only a matter of time.
Drinking from the Jug. You pause to take a swig of wine from your jug, fortifying yourself for the battle. When you have a drink during a fight, clear your lowest stress box. This requires you to take an entire action drinking.
On Top Of It. You may spend a fate point to go first in an exchange, regardless of your Notice. If multiple people with this stunt exercise this ability, they go in turn based on their skills, before those who don’t exercise the stunt get a chance to act. If the exchange has already started, and you have not yet acted, you may instead spend a fate point to act next, out of the usual turn order.

Function: Keen edge long blade
Flaw: Large
Flaw: Loud
My Blade Strikes True. Once per conflict, you can force the opponent to use a mild consequence instead of a 2-point stress box on a successful Fight attack with your heirloom sword.

Stress Tracks
Physical 2 Mental 2
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Viktor Vantoft

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