Zenisha Kapoor

Wanted Alchemist from another world


Zenisha Kapoor
Born: Year 130 ATC (Looks 18)
Given: June 19, 1912
Splinterlands, Zyphr
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: None

Agility Endurance Perception Strength
1 1 1 1
Craft Knowledge Reason Willpower
4 2 2 2
Deception Empathy Persuasion Resources
1 2 1 4
Weird Rating
Runaway Alchemist
She wants to better herself
Fortunate girl from Zyphr
Everyday is a chance to learn something new!
Forgets to notice the world around her
Specialty Aspects
AHA! A new compound!” (Craft)
“These kind of constructs have a weakness…here!” (knowledge)
Extra dimensional research facility (Resources)
Terrible Lair (Deception)
Intense focus when it matters (Perception)

Con Man – Use deception to learn aspects
Deadly Grace – Use agility when unarmed or melee
Assassin Strike – (once per scene) When ambushing a target, get +3 to attack roll
Dervish – Melee with both hands, have the dervish(p) aspect
“Takes one to know one” – use deception to tell if someone is lying
Soft style – +1 to agility for defending melee attacks
Razor Tongue – +3 to persuasion to cause anger
Book Worm – +2 to research when using a library

Weird Focus: Chaos [Control Reality: Chaos Domain]

He has exhibited these abilities
Did that break your concentration? Prevent the use of weird abilities. Mimicking Nullify
Turn down for what? Empower the abilities of others. mimicking blessing.
Chaotic Touch Break things down similar to power attack.


Zenisha Kapoor is a beautiful Zyphrian young women. Zyphrians most often tend to look like Indians, Arabian, and overall middle eastern. Zenisha has long jet black smooth silky hair, tan skin and bright green eyes, her smile can warm up a room. Slightly taller than the average women, her long model-like body often grabs the attention of many suitors.

Zenisha Kapoor was born in Zyphr as a fortunate. Fortunates are natural born mana wielders, capable of storing large amounts of mana and casting just about any spell related to their Focus. Zenisha’s Focus is Artifice, a unique focus in Zyphr; she can create the most powerful magic potions in all of Zyphr. Her magic potions allow her to create about anything she can imagine, from spitting fire potions to love potions, not even the sky is the limit.

Being fortunate in Zyphr usually means you will at some point become a host to an Elohim. Too most this is the highest honor but lately to some younger Zyphrians, being a host is like murder. Zenisha was torn between the two ideas but with the help of Jack Valentino and Michael West, she escaped her fate. Joining our heroes in their adventure to save Zyphr from the overbearing Elohim.

Zenisha Kapoor

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