Zenisha Kapoor

Alchemist from another world


Zenisha Kapoor
Born: Year 130 ATC (Looks 18)
Given: June 19, 1912
Splinterlands, Zyphr
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: None

Nightsdeep Status: Local Doctor
+4 Life Foci
+3 Crafts Academics
+2 Investigate Athletics Shoot
+1 Melee Provoke Notice Willpower
Fortunate genius from Zephyr
One track mind
“Learn something every day!”
Socially awkward
Biological alchemy (Life)

She has exhibited these abilities:
Walking Library. – You don’t ever have to pay a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for research using Academics, even in extreme situations.
Formal Logic. – You may use Academics to make attacks that inflict mental stress and to create advantages related to confusing or over-awing people. Such actions can be defended against with Rapport, Academics or Empathy.
Alchemist. – When creating an advantage with Life, increase the size of effect to the whole zone when you succeed with style.
Eye for flaws. – +2 to create advantage with Engineering when you examine an object or machine for physical weaknesses.
Biochemical Mimicry. – With a genetic sample, can mimic a Focus ability for one scene. Use Willpower in place of the ability.
Walking cure. Use Life foci to defend against all mundane poisons. If successful, the cure to the poison will be in her blood.
Crazy enough to work. You may create physical advantages using academics provided the advantage is placed on the zone and is dangerous to everyone in it.

Portable Alchemical Set
Function: Tools for creating chemical compounds
Flaw: Very Fragile
Healing herbs. +2 to Medicine when attempting to reduce a mild consequence or start the healing process.
Injestables. +2 to create a potion with Crafts. The potion can create an advantage on the target but the target must chose to ingest it.

Potion Belt
Function: Belt that holds most commonly used potions.
Flaw: Bad batch
Alchemical Compound. Can give a “potion of X” to another character. When that potion is used, Zenisha rolls Crafts as if she were creating the advantage herself. No other stunts can apply. Potion’s effect must be decided ahead of time.

Stress Tracks
Physical 2 Mental 3
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Zenisha Kapoor is a beautiful Zyphrian young women. Zyphrians most often tend to look like Indians, Arabian, and overall middle eastern. Zenisha has long jet black smooth silky hair, tan skin and bright green eyes, her smile can warm up a room. Slightly taller than the average women, her long model-like body often grabs the attention of many suitors.

Zenisha Kapoor was born in Zyphr as a fortunate. Fortunates are natural born mana wielders, capable of storing large amounts of mana and casting just about any spell related to their Focus. Zenisha’s Focus is Artifice, a unique focus in Zyphr; she can create the most powerful magic potions in all of Zyphr. Her magic potions allow her to create about anything she can imagine, from spitting fire potions to love potions, not even the sky is the limit.

Being fortunate in Zyphr usually means you will at some point become a host to an Elohim. Too most this is the highest honor but lately to some younger Zyphrians, being a host is like murder. Zenisha was torn between the two ideas but with the help of Jack Valentino and Michael West, she escaped her fate. Joining our heroes in their adventure to save Zyphr from the overbearing Elohim.

Zenisha Kapoor

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