What is the Weird

The Weird

The weird is the ability of some people to focus their minds in such a way as to cause a change in the outside world. It would be easy to say that it's all magic and call it a day but, it isn't that simple. In actuality, there is a theory that is seldom spoken of but seems the strongest. Basically, all reality is malleable. It's all in the eye of the beholder. If that beholder happens to have a mindset that is special enough, they are able to will their own beliefs about what the world should be onto the world. The rest of us are too accepting of baseline reality to be any good at what we like to call paradigm shifts.

You might ask yourself, why is it called the "Weird"? Well, aside from the fact that it's all rather weird, it goes back to 1867. Our very first cell. They discovered that some of them could affect reality and Edison (yes that Edison) along with John Taylor (again, yes that Taylor) decided that the best that they could call the phenomena was "the weird". The name just stuck and has been that way ever since. We officially call it Flux but, really it's just Weird.

The Domains

The Weird seems to be exhibited in several domains. These are Orgone, Spirit, Time, Space and Void. There may be more but, the data is hard to find. These domains don't seem to overlap in most cases and very few people since the original cell have held two domains. It is my thought that the case of Catherine Lacroix is actually a rare one and most minds aren't malleable enough to be able to handle two domains without going irredeemably insane.

Life These people manipulate the life forces of the universe.
Time A person with a Time Foci can manipulate the flow of time.
Spirit Spirit Foci is a very strange one. These people are able to see and interact with some kind of lower level, animistic part of reality.
Space Persons with a space foci seem to connect all points to all other points. To them distance is meaningless.
Void The void is a sort of fundamental building block of the universe. A dark, emptiness that is chaotic and malleable. These people are capable of controlling that force.
Mind Those with this foci are capable of bending the wills of others.

What is the Weird

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