This site is my last ditch effort to keep the principles and beliefs of the secret service, the real secret service, alive. I can’t tell you my name and even if you knew it, you wouldn’t find anything. I gave up my life completely. I’m in a place where they can’t get me. They do love to try though. I will be outlining the truths of the service. What we have left. I won’t be saying where it is. I’ll tell you this: I’m old enough to have seen this thing grow from a plucky little group to the sprawling, disgusting mess that we were. No one listened to me then. I’d say “I told you so” but, charred corpses have bad hearing.

But that doesn’t really tell you what this site is for, does it? No.

In my old life, back when I had one, I was a major coordinator and communications officer of sorts for the agency. That agency burned to the ground and so much was lost. I was running like everyone else when I realized that someone had to keep fighting. Someone had to leave a light on. So, no other brave souls seemed to be itching to volunteer. So, I did. I hacked whatever files I could rip out of our burning servers and fled. Then, I put together this site. It’s in an old part of the networks that uses TCP-IP. You have to know what you’re looking for to find this thing.

Now, I’m your eye in the sky. Your fairy godmother, if you will. I’ve begun to reconnect some of the threads. The ones that I knew I could trust. We don’t have any leaders. We’re all peers now really. That said, there are those that are good at somethings and not good at others. So, I reorganized us along more modern schemes. I kept the cell-handler system because that leaves a single point of contention. No one knows where anyone else is though. Well, no one but me and like I said, they can’t reach me here.

So, this is the repository of all of our information that I could piece together. Clearance is a bitch when you don’t really have it. I coordinate efforts so that there is minimal exposure during operations. If you cause a mess or make too much noise, I cut you loose and your handler gets reassigned. We have to be smart. We have to be careful.

The mission is always the same though: To hold back the dark.

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