Depression Averted

A Letter to Jack/Atlas

Forever and Always yours

Dear Atlas,

My dear Atlas, why must we fight like this? I hate it when we fight. Now you are suffering alone in that filthy hospital. You do not belong there! YOU belong to me! To watch you suffer, makes me suffer and I am done suffering.

But YOU left me no choice! I will no longer allow your contemptuous manner towards my feelings continue. For too long, you have mistreated me and taken my love for granted. That time is over! You must be taught a lesson.

I promise you this, my love, I will make you feel all the pain and agony I have felt all these years loving you. After everything we have endured together and all the rules I have broken for you… you’re willing to throw it all away for some WHORE! A WHORE you are not even sure you have feelings for! I will make this women pay for taking you from me and everyone else you love. But…I am not evil. I do still love you very dearly. I love you so dearly in fact, that I am willing to give you one more chance, to do the right thing and marry me. If you agree to our marriage again, I promise not to hurt your family. I would even go so far as to leave the WHORE alone as well. Though, you would never be allowed to see them but they would be safe. Besides…my love is all that you will ever need. It is all you will ever have…

Forever and always yours,

Celeste Vinter


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