Depression Averted

Nightmares and visions

a sleepless night

We met with the rebellion. The meeting was underwhelming. Sadly, these are people who have known nothing but peace and tranquility that have it broken up by this new conflict. They scrape and hide and plot and scheme but it seems like most of the rebellion is in their own minds. A quiet and inoffensive rebellion. These people know a love and peace that our world should be ashamed for not knowing. They have love and affection for each other, even strangers. All of this is for nothing if we can’t save them. All of them.

I don’t know if I’m making sense.

The unfortunates who cannot use magic are being forced down into the Underchains. A shaded island beneath the island of Paradiso. The Underchains are like the slum of any other city in our world yet here it is almost a city unto itself. These are a people who live in squalor compared to the majesty of Paradiso. We were sent to discover what was in the lowest floor of the gate complex. A building that serves as offices, forward command and the main point of entry between the Underchains and Paradiso. There, we discovered a plot so horrible that I couldn’t believe that beings from Zyphr would be capable of concieving it.

They planned on poisoning the food.

All of the food is distributed from a central point. The city requires immense amounts of food to keep itself running and so there are these enormous drop offs daily. We came to find out that a high ranking angel named Adam had hatched a plot with a very powerful angel named Cain. They planned to put a sort of virus into the food with the hopes of “solving the population problem.” I wanted to return and torch all of the food but, Michael’s cooler head prevailed. There were just too many of them. Instead, we returned to Ebraim and told him the news.

I found out that the real head of the rebellion was an angel herself. It seems that they are not all of one mind when it comes to the bloodshed and their place in it. This angel believes that the angels themselves are to blame for the cataclysm that struck this world. She believes that the only way is for the angels to be “stopped.” She stopped herself from saying killed but, I knew better. I’ve justified myself like that before. The fact is that they seem to have given up and lost whatever fire they may have had to begin with.

We will reinvigorate that fire.

Then, I had a dream. A nightmare of sorts. In it, I saw a freed Serenity (a spirit of endings perhaps? either way, a spirit that embodies the endings of worlds) but, rather than graceful and clean, she was monstrous and full of spite. Worse still, against her stood Michael but, he was like I’ve never seen him before. His eyes were completely filled with a white light and he seemed to revel in destruction? At least, I believe the destruction was from him? I honestly know not. I then found myself in the white room again where I had seen Serenity before. The place where they are keeping her.

There, I tried to speak sense to the high judge of the angels. I hoped that she could hear me. I hoped that we could come to some sort of reasonable conclusion where bloodshed is minimized. These people need to leave this world and get themselves to a new one. An empty one where they can spread out and not have to concern themselves with population numbers. Although, I fear that such a place would merely allow them to experience the kind of strife that our world has experienced since the dawn of history.

Are we really saving these people?


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