Depression Averted

Victoria's Letter to her Father

Dad, Nightsdeep sucks!

Dear Dad,

Hey Dad, it’s me again, Victoria. I’m not sure if you will ever get these but honestly, I just need someone to vent too. I can’t vent to my friends because I don’t want to alarm them. Besides, I have caused them enough problems for one lifetime. I’m not sure where to start. See, many things have happened to me within the time I’ve been away. I guess I should just start with the current issues plaguing my friends and I. Like, hollow ones after me and a giant void monster after my friend Jack as well as me. Then again, what isn’t after me? I’m sure this is all confusing so let me give you a bit of some background information first.

We were forced into a dreadfully depressing world called Nightsdeep. Upon our arrival, we were arrested and then saved by Jack’s long lost father. Jack is a co-worker of mine and a bit more but we can get into that much later, maybe in person would be best. Anyways, moving forward… Here in Nightsdeep the Nobles and the Vampires are in charge of everything. So, when I found out that Jack’s family were pretty important Nobles, I was a bit nervous. I thought to myself, I’d never imagined I would meet Jack’s family, let alone find out they are practically royalty. It was a bit intimidating.

Much time has passed now and we all are nobles now. As you know, I am no stranger to fame but this takes the cake! Nobles can literally get away with murder, it’s a bit insane and very wrong. My friends and I are using our status for good. Surprisingly, so are other noble houses including Jack’s family. We are trying to make a difference in this crazy, awfully sad and ugly little world. I absolutely hate it here!

I Just have no idea how to tell Jack just how much I loathe this world. I'd be happy to never return to this ugly world. Everyday it is either raining, overcast or as of late, snowing. The sun never shines down on this world and this causes the landscape to look rather… brown. Flowers are practically non-existent! The whole world looks dead and if it weren't for the people, I would have assumed it was indeed dead. Heck! Even the people walk around as if there is no beauty in life and I don’t blame them. Luckily, two of my friends revived an entire dead area and made it into a rain forest. I can’t wait to finally see some vibrant colors again.

Dad, I’m scared.

I don’t know how long I can keep this up. This false happiness. I’m so afraid of the things after me and the orb inside of me. I feel it growing stronger by the day. It calls to the deep. I can hear it speak sometimes. The deep, it tells me of the horrible things happening in Nightsdeep and how humanity will continue to behave this way without it’s help. I continue to ignore it, hoping it will lose interest in me but I highly doubt it will work. To make matters worst, I kind of agree with it; to an extent. Nightsdeep is a terrible place and I continue to lose any hope that it will get better. I think with all our efforts, the world just refuses to bend to our will. Solutions are meet with more problems and the fires continue to grow. Yet, I cannot agree with the deep’s solution. It wants to strip humanity of its freedom. Freedom helps create art and art, as you know dad, will always be my passion.

The deep has it’s minions after me and they are everyday looking people like you and me. Today a man threw himself in front of our carriage in order to stop me from getting to the Lovesel Manor. The Lovesel are my adoptive family here. Anyways, the man was possessed by the deep and it nearly killed him in order to save me. Apparently, there was an assassin awaiting ever so patiently, in my room. The man who threw himself in front of our carriage, caused us to crash into another carriage. Two young women died in the other carriage. These women died, so that I may live. I fear the deep will stop at nothing to protect me. Maybe I should be the one to drink the sleeping potion.

Oh, I am also being chased by a void monster who wishes to consume me for my abilities, I assume. This oddly enough, does not scare me. I believe it has to do with the simplicity of the monster’s goal. It seems pretty straightforward to me and isn’t causing people to kill themselves for my protection. Though, to Jack,  the void monster isn't a simple problem.

I’m really scared for Jack.

Jack has a man trapped in his mind. This man’s name is Atlas and he is quite the son of a bitch. Excuse me for my foul mouth dad but it is absolutely true. This bastard is on a crash-course to hurting Jack, while trying to drive him insane. At times, Atlas seems to be able to take control over Jack and when he takes over, he wastes no time to destroy our goals. I absolutely hate that monster disguised as a man. He wishes to destroy Jack and allow himself to be consumed by the void monster. He thinks he can control the monster. Hopefully, Zenisha can find a way to get rid of him quickly. Only then will Jack be safe.

Well dad, hopefully I’ll be back soon. Please do not forget to eat your lunch. I miss you lots.

- Marie


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