Edward Leviathan Young

Victoria's Father


Edward Leviathan Young
Born: July 15, 1885
First sighted in London, England
Occupation: Producer, Con Man, Musician
Known Aliases: Oliver Henry, Romeo Young, Lucas King, Leviathan Knight, etc

Nightsdeep Status: Nobody
+4 Deception
+3 Rapport Shoot
+2 Contacts Survival Burglary
+1 Athletics Finance Willpower Notice
Devoted Father
The ends justify the means
Always have an exit strategy
At home anywhere
“Only amateurs wing it”

He has exhibited these abilities:
Con Man. Use Deception to get a read on emotional states and get a sense of who they are. The types of aspects learned or created are limited to troubles and other negatives.
Takes One to Know One. As an accomplished liar, you’re especially able to figure out when someone else is lying as well. You may use Deceive instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive actions.
I’m Looking for Mr. Brown. You are extremely good at tracking people down. +2 to Contacts whenever you are seeking a specific person whose name you know.
Impenetrable Bluff. You can bluff like a poker pro. Maybe you are a poker pro. +2 to create advantages or defend with Deceive when using it to trick people into believing that you are more capable or better positioned than you actually are.
Indomitable/Fearless. +2 to willpower to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.
Mental Blueprint. You’re highly skilled at visualizing the whole of a target based on just a part of it. When casing a location, you receive a +2 on Burglary rolls to create an advantage.
“Good Intentions.” Everyone you meet is certain that you intend nothing but what is best for everyone. Add two to your Deceive skill when using it to create advantages related to feigned benevolence or friendship.
Fast Talk. You get a +2 to overcome obstacles with Deceive, provided you don’t have to talk to the person you’re trying to deceive for more than a few sentences before blowing past them.
Instant Cover. (requires Fast Talk.) You can whip up a cover story like no one’s business, even if you haven’t made an effort to establish it beforehand. Any time you overcome an obstacle in public using Deceive, automatically add a situation aspect representing your cover story, and stick a free invocation on it.

Nightsdeep Hunting Rifle
Function: Long Range Shooter
Flaw: Slow Reload
Flaw: Limited Ammo
Scope User. You know how to use a scope. +2 to create advantages with Shoot related to aiming while using a scope or laser sight.

Stress Tracks
Physical 2 Mental 2
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Edward Leviathan Young

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