Ember Einardottir

Infamous Smuggler of Nightsdeep


Ember Einardottir
Born: Unknown
Occupation: Smuggler
Known Aliases: The Underground Queen, and E

Nightsdeep Status: A Callous Thug
+4 Athletics
+3 Deception Burglary
+2 Melee Shoot Contacts
+1 Brawl Notice Survival Investigate
Infamous Smuggler
Forced Employee of the Vinter House
“I must save my brother!”
“Truthfully, I just want to start a new life!”
Wears sarcasm like a shield

She has exhibited these abilities:
Escapologist. +2 to overcome actions with Athletics when escaping from bonds.
Always a Way Out. +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.
I’m Looking for Mr. Brown. You are extremely good at tracking people down. +2 to Contacts whenever you are seeking a specific person whose name you know.
Impenetrable Bluff. You can bluff like a poker pro. Maybe you are a poker pro. +2 to create advantages or defend with Deceive when using it to trick people into believing that you are more capable or better positioned than you actually are.
Dirty Fighter. You have a talent for fighting dirty and are experienced in pulling all manner of tricks in order to get the upper hand on your opponents. Any time you invoke an opponent’s aspect in a physical fight, you get an additional +1 on the roll.
Disarming Specialist. You have been trained in how to disarm an armed combatant. Once per scene per opponent, when you successfully defend against an attack with a melee weapon, you may sacrifice your next action to place the Disarmed aspect on that opponent.
Turnabout. When you succeed with style on a Fight defense, instead of taking a boost, you may spend a fate point to inflict physical stress equal to the shifts you got on your defense roll. You may only do this once per opponent per scene.
Redirect Attack. Once per scene, when you succeed with style on a deference roll with Athletics against Fight, you may force your opponent to attack another of your enemies in the same zone with the same attack roll.

Short Sword
Function: My Uncle’s Short Sword
Flaw: Short Length
Whirlwind Attack. You may make a Fight attack against every opponent in your zone, dividing your roll between them as you see fit.

Gauntlet Knives Shooter
Function: A mechanical gauntlet that shoots knives
Flaw: Limited supply
Ricochet. You may invoke a relevant situation aspect to bounce a projectile off a solid surface, allowing it to come at an opponent from an unexpected direction. (This invocation does not provide its normal bonus.) If your attack is successful, the stress of the hit is increased by 2.

Stress Tracks
Physical 2 Mental 2
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Ember Einardottir

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