Jack Vantoft

Void spirit trying to be a good Man


Jack Valentino
Born: Unknown
First sighted in New York, NY
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: Smiling Jack, Blackjack and Lucky Jack

Nightsdeep Status: Articulate and Confident
+4 Deception
+3 Burglary Melee
+2 Notice Void Foci Athletics
+1 Finance Provoke Rapport Crafts
Redeemed Assassin
My allies make me better
Are we fighting or dancing
I am my own master
Born of chaos (void)
Atlas’ Aspects
The monster within
Arrogant psychopath
The best lies are mostly truth
I pave my own path
Technological genius

He has exhibited these abilities:
Con Man. Use Deception to get a read on emotional states and get a sense of who they are. The types of aspects learned or created are limited to troubles and other negatives.
Assassin’s Strike. When ambushing a target, attack with Burglary. If you succeed, create a boost. If you succeed with style, invoke the boost for free twice. When ambushing, no aspects or boosts can be used by the target.
The world is a weapon. +2 to create advantage with Athletics in cluttered, tight or closed in environments.
Unorthodox Fighting. People with formal training are less able to defend against your tomfoolery in combat. +2 to attacks with Fight against opponents who strictly adhere to a formal style of combat.
Bad Cop. Once per scene, gain +2 to Provoke when invoking an aspect created by someone who has the Good Cop stunt.
Takes One to Know One. As an accomplished liar, you’re especially able to figure out when someone else is lying as well. You may use Deceive instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive actions.
Armor of the Void. If he successfully creates the Armor of the chaos aspect, gain an extra mild consequence for the scene.
Shutdown. +2 to creating the Nullified ability aura aspect on a zone. Succeed with style to expand power to two other zones.
Child of the Court. Gain a +2 bonus to any attempt to overcome obstacles with Rapport when you’re at an aristocratic function, such as a royal ball.
You’re out of luck. +2 to Chaos foci when adding the unlucky aspect to a target within sight. The target can defend with Willpower.
Explosive Strike. For 1 FP, Jack can make an attack against every opponent in his current zone.

Dual Stunning Batons
Function: Dual small tonfas
Flaw: Still working out the kinks
Flaw: Glows when activated
Stunning Strike. Once per physical conflict, when you succeed on an attack, you may place the aspect Stunned on an opponent with a free invocation.
Dual Wield. +1 extra stress when you successfully attack.

Multiverse trans-communicator
Function: Communicate with anyone across time and space
Flaw: Still in the prototype stage and must connect to another trans-communicator

Magic Elohim Mirror
Function: See whomever you can think of
Flaw: Sometimes you can’t hear

Stress Tracks
Physical 2 Mental 2
Fate Points
1 out of 1

It is unknown exactly what Jack did in New York until he saved the life of Salvatore Lucania from a hit. Salvatore was a mobster working for Arnold Rothstein, a major player among New York City’s criminal element.

Salvatore Lucania took Jack Valentino under his wing and trained him as a secret protege of sorts. To Mr. Rothstein and any other members of the organization, Mr. Valentino was just another street tough making his living. In time, Mr. Valentino excelled at his field and would eventually work openly as a “fixer” and “bagman” for Mr. Lucania and on occasion Mr. Rothstein himself.

The shake up came with the death of Arnold Rothstein, that led to widespred chaos in the criminal world. Mr. Lucania who suspected that Mr. Valentino actually committed the murder, asked Jack Valentino to leave the city quietly and never return. Loyal to the end, Mr. Valentino left the city and struck out on his own in Chicago.

We acquired him on the freight car that he rode and took him to safe house #3. He sat rather quietly for the two hours that it took for our specialist to finalize a proper approach. When the handler met Mr. Valentino he simply asked him “Do you want to really make a difference?” To which Mr. Valentino replied, “Yes I do, just let me use the washroom.” He has shown no disloyalty since.

In Nightsdeep, Jack took on two different alter-egos. One of them, the Raven was a way to instill hope in the people while searching for a serial killer. The second was called The Black Knight and was a way to allow his brother Viktor to keep being The Raven.


Jack Vantoft

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