Lord Embrek

Jotunn body guard


Lord Embrek
Born: Vaggr, Nightsdeep
Bodyguard to the House Vinter
known Aliases: None

Nightsdeep Status: Scary
+4 Physique
+3 Willpower Notice
+2 Provoke Investigate Survival
+1 Athletics Resources Contacts Brawl
Jotunnheimr Vampire
My weapon is myself
Celeste’s bodyguard and assistant
A worthy foe should be respected
Jotunnheimr Aspects
Incredibly intimidating
Extremely averse to fire

He has exhibited these abilities:
Toughness of Mind and Body. A guy as tough as you has no need to be afraid. You may use Physique instead of Will to defend against fear.
Grappler. +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.
Now you’ve made me mad. Once per scene, after taking physical stress, you may spend a fate point to add the shift value of the attack (after any reduction by consequences) as a bonus to an action in the next exchange taken against the person who inflicted the stress.
Trample. Once per scene, when you succeed with style on a create advantage roll with Physique and place an aspect on an opponent, you may exchange one of your free invocations for a 2-shift hit on that opponent.
Wrestler. Your unarmed attacks rely on brute strength rather than on technique. You may make such attacks with Physique rather than Fight.
Outdoorsman. Your extensive field experience helps you operate in the wild. You may roll Lore instead of Stealth whenever you are in the wilderness, and may also roll Lore instead of Investigate for tracking in those areas.
Armored Skin. Your skin is tough beyond that of any vampire. You may ignore the first point of stress in any exchange. (2 pts becomes 1pt, etc) This armor does not stack with any other armor.
Blood Tithe. Once per scene, you can make an attack. This attack does damage normally but also heals you that same amount. He bites the target and sucks out their blood.
Frenzy. Once per scene, when taking a moderate or severe consequence, you will enter a Frenzied state. Until this aspect is tapped, you attack with your bare hands and receive a +2 to attacks. He is also incapable of being frightened, calmed down or otherwise subdued. Lastly, he receives an extra mild consequence.
Death’s Rage. For a fate point, you may become The Strongest Thing in the Room. You also get +1 to all attack rolls.

Stress Tracks
Physical 4 Mental 3
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Lord Embrek

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