Michael West

Ex-drug mule and all around boy scout


Born: July 13th, 1912
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Secret Service Agent
Known Aliases: None

Nightsdeep Status: A fierce orator
+4 Phisique
+3 Life Foci Athletics
+2 Notice Empathy Rapport
+1 Burgurly Survival Willpower Academics
Big Boy scout
Terrible liar
Stunningly Attractive
Everyone has good in them
Life is beautiful (Life)

He has exhibited these abilities:
Second Wind. +2 when creating Second Wind aspect. Succeed with style to add the aspect to up to two extra targets.
Toughness of Mind and Body. A guy as tough as you has no need to be afraid. You may use Physique instead of Will to defend against fear.
Mending Hands. Once per session, reduce consequences 1 level each. (severe becomes moderate, etc.)
Good Cop. Kindness is more effective when given a basis for comparison. +2 to Rapport when creating advantages to assist someone who has the Bad Cop stunt.
Giant’s growth. Once per scene, pay 1FP to increase your size, +1 Physique, Reduce harm by 2 shifts, and gain the aspect Enormous
Toxin Exposure. +2 to overcome rolls with Physique to resist poisons.
Grappler. +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on an enemy by wrestling or grappling with them.
Wrestler. Your unarmed attacks rely on brute strength rather than on technique. You may make such attacks with Physique rather than Fight.
Best Foot Forward. Twice per session, you may upgrade a boost you receive with Rapport into a full situation aspect with a free invocation. Situation aspects stick around for the whole scene.
Chrysalis. Pay 1 fp to enter a state where you are encapsulated in plants. You cannot attack or be attacked in this state. You may come out of the chrysalis whenever you wish after the scene ends with all stress returned in full.
Doppelganger. +2 to life foci when creating the aspect Face of ____ with a free invoke when having seen the target of the shapeshift before. This change is solely physical, and does not affect deception directly. One may still tap the aspect Face of _____ for a bonus though.

Stress Tracks
Physical 4 Mental 2
Fate Points
2 out of 2

Micheal West was born and raised, in the slums of Chicago. Sometime after his birth, his mother left his father in care of their three children, Rachael Jean West, Hannah West, and Mr. Micheal West himself. His father was unable to coop with the abandonment of his wife, and turned to gambling. At the age of fourteen years old, Micheal West was forced to work for the “hard knock gang” as a delivery-boy to pay off his father’s large gambling debit in order to protect his older sisters from the gang as well.

Michael West

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