Awesome Alien Dog


Born: Unknown
Occupation: Pet
Known Aliases: Remy

+4 Investigate
+3 Brawl (Bite) Empathy
+2 Burglary Void Foci Physique
+1 Notice Willpower Athletics Rapport
Intelligent Alien Dog
Born on the streets
Power of the shadow hound (Void)
Extremely Loyal
Never gets tired

He has exhibited these abilities:
Urban Survivalist. +2 to Investigate in a city when finding food or water.
Keen Smell. +2 to Investigate a target when given a fresh sample of their scent.
Disarming Lunge. Once per scene per opponent, when you successfully defend against an attack with a melee weapon, you may sacrifice your next action to place the Disarmed aspect on that opponent.
Nose for trouble. Use Empathy instead of notice to determine turn order in a physical conflict, provided you’ve had at least a few minutes to observe beforehand.

Alternate Form
Hellish Visage
Function: Become a giant hound made of pure void
Flaw: Big and slow
Demonic Claws. +2 shifts extra damage on a successful attack.
Terrifying. +2 to Provoke when creating the Terrified aspect.
Follow-Through. Once per conflict, when you inflict a physical consequence on an opponent with Brawl, you may also inflict a 2-point physical hit on another opponent in the same zone.

Stress Tracks
Physical 4 Mental 2
Fate Points
3 out of 3


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