Awesome Alien Dog


Born: Unknown
Occupation: Pet
Known Aliases: Remy

+4 Investigate
+3 Brawl (Bite) Empathy
+2 Burglary Void Foci Physique
+1 Notice Willpower Athletics Provoke
Intelligent Alien Dog
Born on the streets
Power of the shadow hound (Void)
Extremely Loyal
Never gets tired

He has exhibited these abilities:
Urban Survivalist. +2 to Investigate in a city when finding food or water.
Keen Smell. +2 to Investigate a target when given a fresh sample of their scent.
Disarming Lunge. Once per scene per opponent, when you successfully defend against an attack with a melee weapon, you may sacrifice your next action to place the Disarmed aspect on that opponent.
Nose for trouble. Use Empathy instead of notice to determine turn order in a physical conflict, provided you’ve had at least a few minutes to observe beforehand.
The Bastard will not escape! Nobody gets away from you. +2 to overcome with Athletics when chasing someone on foot.

Alternate Form
Hellish Visage
Function: Become a giant hound made of pure void
Flaw: Big and slow
Demonic Claws. +1 shift extra stress on a successful attack.
Terrifying. +2 to Provoke when creating the Terrified aspect.
Follow-Through. Once per conflict, when you inflict a physical consequence on an opponent with Brawl, you may also inflict a 2-point physical hit on another opponent in the same zone.
Brawler. You’re at home in any big old burly brawl, with multiple opponents and ideally some beer in you. When fighting a mob of nameless NPCs, you deal one additional stress on a successful physical hit.
Army of One. You are a one-man army; the odds don’t matter to you. Whenever you are physically attacked by a mob, opponents in that mob do not get a teamwork bonus to their attacks.

Stress Tracks
Physical 3 Mental 3
Fate Points
3 out of 1


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