The Raven

A raggedy vigilante

Core Concept A frightening vigilante
Trouble Hated by the Vardr
Status Hero of the People

Originally, The Raven was an alter-ego created by Jack Vantoft in order to operate without having to bring issues to his House. Later, it became a way to instill confidence and hope among the people of Darkholme. He would stalk the nights, hunting criminals and stopping crimes. He would take the criminals and leave them tied up for the Vardr to handle from there.

Later, while Jack was checked into a mental asylum, Viktor took on the mantle of The Raven. He broke the story of the Hollow Ones in the institution. He also stopped quite a few criminals on his own. Because of this, Jack gave up the mantle of The Raven and asked Viktor to continue. Jack took on a different, heroic alter-ego. Jack became The Black Knight.

The Raven

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