Thor Odinson

House Nystrom prize fighter


Born: Unknown
Occupation: Gladiator

+4 Physique
+3 Brawl Athletics
+2 Empathy Notice Will
+1 Academics Burglary Rapport Contacts
Family man
Thrall Thief
Extremely Loyal
Darkholm Head of the Blade of Saluwan

He has exhibited these abilities:
Destroyer of Abominations. You hit harder when your enemy is something blasphemous. You gain +2 to attacks with Fight against creatures that are unusually offensive to your faith.
Disarming Specialist. You have been trained in how to disarm an armed combatant. Once per scene per opponent, when you successfully defend against an attack with a melee weapon, you may sacrifice your next action to place the Disarmed aspect on that opponent.
Brawler. You’re at home in any big old burly brawl, with multiple opponents and ideally some beer in you. When fighting a mob of nameless NPCs, you deal one additional stress on a successful physical hit.
Talking With My Fists. As a trained fighter, you are able to adopt a stance that makes it unequivocally clear how capable you are of handing someone his ass. Whenever displaying your fighting stance or threatening someone with violence, you may roll Fight instead of Provoke to scare them.
Redirect Attack. Once per scene, when you succeed with style on a defence roll with Athletics against Fight, you may force your opponent to attack another of your enemies in the same zone with the same attack roll.
Dazing Counter. When you succeed with style on a defend action against an opponent’s Fight roll, you automatically counter with some sort of nerve punch or stunning blow. You get to attach the Dazed situation aspect to your opponent with a free invoke, instead of just a boost.
Gladiator. +2 to brawl when fighting in a gladiator pit.

Stress Tracks
Physical 4 Mental 3
Fate Points
1 out of 1

Thor Odinson

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