What is The Agency

The Ugly Truth

You’ve passed whatever tests, jumped whatever hurdles or killed someone who has. However you got here, you deserve to know the truth. The truth is that you and your cell are all alone against the horrors that exist out there. Yes, things are almost certainly worse than anything you’ve seen. The truth is that we don’t have the vast support network, corporate black funds and bank of favors from important people that we used to. The truth, agent, is that we lost everything.

Once, we were mighty.

It’s as they say, “pride goeth before the fall.” The fact is that we were proud and so busy congratulating ourselves that we never even saw the enemy that grew out of our failures and mistakes. We were so convinced that we weren’t just “holding back the dark”, we were pushing back. We were winning. Like I said, pride. The enemy took it’s time too. They were smart in all the ways that we were dumb. The made us look like fools. Children that can’t see what’s right in front of them until it’s too late.

It was way too late.
The enemy infiltrated us like a virus. Growing stronger and stronger with every “accident”, every “failed mission” was actually a victory for them. They had grown up around us so powerfully and deeply that they owned our secrets. They controlled our missions. There is a saying, “kill the body and the head will die.” The saying works both ways. Our secret masters and their secret protocols mean’t to keep out the enemy failed. It failed hard. Eventually, the top brass was slowly replaced. Whomever wasn’t killed and impersonated, had to run or they were traitors from the start.

That’s the thing. We left the doors open to the fort. Our defenses mean’t nothing if they were already inside. Over the next few years, they slowly burned covers, made good agents vanish and gave orders that resulted in entire cells dying. Eventually, they consumed us whole. They even took our name. They were the Secret Service for a while. It was a joke that they spat upon our graves. Things are different now. We’re smaller, hungrier. We can’t fail because failure is almost always death. We don’t get backup. There are no clean up crews. If we aren’t able to perform our mission, innocents die. So, the secret is that our secret is out. The enemy has seen our faces, it knows our address and where our grandmother lives. Believe me, those big bad wolves will be having grandma for supper. So fight back. Don’t give them an inch. They are the enemy and in this war, there will only be one winner.

The Mission

What is The Agency

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